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26th February 2010

gatosenelbalcon5:10pm: hi! i have three tattoos, two of them are the beginnings of a ridiculously huge tribute to my favorite person in the world, tim burton - a rad guy who's been inspiring me since i was a little tyke <3

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anyone have suggestions for me for additions or comments? i'm thinking of having some oogie boogie stitches added on the other side of robot boy, more toward the middle of my back [ loose, torn stitching.. some bugs crawling out ], i love the nightmare before christmas.. oogie's my favorite character, but i want to do something a little different than what i've seen before - let me know what you think! thanks! :)

9th February 2010

windex0412:42am: Hi everyone,

I'm writing an article for a well-known online publication about terrible tattoos. Do you or anyone you know have a tattoo that you regret getting? I'd love to hear the story! You can respond here or contact me via email at wendyrgould at yahoo dot com.


5th January 2009

brethlessmahony12:18pm: Update By Demand
I dont really have a lot of pictures just based around my tattoo, so be prepared for a hodgepodge of images.

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20th May 2008


13th May 2008

fivetones1:58pm: Sabina Kelley HOT!

Sabina Kelley Wearing Tres Noir Sunglasses

19th January 2008

h2o_chik10:26am:  hello everyone... i am extremely excited to say... i got my new tattoo on thursday night... so its only few days old!!!! i love it, it is sooo beautiful!!!! and the adrenaline it gave me getting this one makes me want more!!!!!!!.. so check it out and let me know what you think.... done by steve at chapel tattoo, melbourne, Australia

x posted everywhere!!!

31st December 2007

2_sharp2:37am: Howdy! :) X-posted
I know I haven't posted here for a while, but I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I've been busy working so free time isn't so abundant anymore. Yes, I still lurk and read... and post from time to time. ;) I hope you all have a great New Year! :D

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16th December 2007

h2o_chik11:37am: hi guys, thank you for your reply previously about my tattoo ideas... i got a call from the artist saying she had drawn up my design... the drawing looks reali simple but i guess it will be just a guide for her.. its a wave design on my ankle with frangipanis and the words "surf to live"

my question is... how long should i stay out of the water for... chlorine i mean, after getting my tattoo done?

I'm a swim teacher and trying to work out a roster for 2008 and don't want it t fade or spoil the healing process..

thanks guys

4th December 2007

h2o_chik11:10am: I would like some advise on a tatoo im thinking of getting....on the inside of my left foot.. i want the words "Live to Surf, Surf to Live" these words mean alot to me and it will helpme to get through the tough times when in need. I wanted to get something like the symbol of pain or survivor but i think its a bit korny for myself and the surf is my liking my surf line better. 

not sure if i want it written "Live to Surf" on my left then "Surf to live" on my right foot, or all of the phrase on the one foot, or just "Surf to Live" on my left.. i want nice but simple, different cursvie writing also... 

Im thinking of instead of getting it more in a straight line that I get it  like written like a wave also with mayb a lil surf board at the end

any thoughts???

8th November 2007

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Thermalize Yourself!

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30th October 2007

dixonink6:06pm: some experiments with design
 this was somthing i wanted to try.... so my bosses wife let me experiment on her legRead more...Collapse )

27th October 2007

dixonink3:18pm: introduction
 My name is Melissa and I'm new to this community.  I wanted to share some of my husband's tattoo work because he's seeking feedback.  We both tattoo, but this is one of his pieces.  Aaron tattooed this skull and candle on a girl from the Austin tattoo convention last month.  I like the veins in the skull and how the dotted lines illude a mohawk.  I hear there's another convention coming up in Dallas.   Anyone know anything about it?  From what I hear, all the booths are taken...


10th September 2007


im looking to add to my ankle tattoo...

can anyone recommend a good tatooist who will sit down with me and help me get the perfect addition to a so-so tattoo... i have found a perfect design off BME but want to make it my own.

Im in melbourne, australia, but willing to travel around to outer suburbs if needed...



2nd September 2007

h2o_chik10:04pm: Piercings & Surgery

I no this is a tattoo community but maybe someone can help me...

I am going to have surgery next monday. Last year i had a smiliar proceedure, and all my piercings had to come out, 2hours after my tragus was taken out it closed up... and I had to get it redone, extra money but worth it, since then i have gotten my tongue pierced...i have many more piercings but they arent a problem.

my question is... i am aware that the tongue heels very fast... any suggestions or recommendations to make it not close up?? ive been thinking about putting a see through ring in and "hiding" it as such but that could be life threatening... 
where can i get a small see through bar for my tragus and for a fairly good price..

Im in melbourn australia but any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks

11th June 2007

mysteclipse7:08pm: Tattoo in Hawaii

Hi there!  I was wondering if any one could suggest a reputable Tattoo Studio on Maui?  I have some friends who will be in Maui between 6/12 & 6/20 who would like to add some new ink to their collections.  Any suggestions would be awesome!


6th April 2007

highwaycatcher11:34pm: So... I want to thank everyone who has answered and is still answering my "interview" questions for my articles. Everyone was very helpful and actually inspirational! Guess what... since my septum was something I've been wanting for some time I decided what better way to write an article on the piercing but to get it myself!

Thank's everyone!

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5th April 2007

highwaycatcher6:51pm: Hello.

I am currently working on an 2 articles for the first issue of Sinister Tattoo Magazine ( official site isn't up yet), and I have a couple of questions I would love feedback in the form of personal accounts, links and so on if you were so inclined to participate!

First article:

Do you have any type of body modification that you haven't been able to fully enjoy due to society (i.e. work) related restrictions?

How does it make you feel?

What stealthy ways have you tried to hide tattoos or piercings?

What kind of reactions have you had to your modifications?

Second article:

Will feature septum piercings.

Why did you get your septum pierced?

Explain your personal account of getting your septum pierced.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most pain you have experienced) how much did it hurt?

How quickly did it take for this piercing to heal?

What kind of jewelery do you wear in your septum?

What guage is it?

Please add any other information or tidbits you may find helpful and thank you ahead of time for all of your help!

27th March 2007

madam_macaw12:47pm: Tattoo Pics Updated

Saturday, woke up at 8 a.m., hurting a bit, and got the tattoo finished except for the free-floating feathers.  Four and a half hours *UGH*.


Here are the pictures of the finished tattoo!!!  After a little over 20 hours, it was well worth the pain!!!!

And the link to see the progression:


4th March 2007

freezedriedmt2:15pm: Since other people shared
So since some other people shared, I thought I would too.

A sort of H R Giger sort of piece I designed.

Some tribal I did up, I want it to continue over my shoulder and down my rib cage when I can afford to get it done.

My first set of tatts from awhile back. they were never really finished. Some of you will recognize them from a RPG, others may not. Doesnt really matter, I plan on taking the tribal from my arm, and going back over my shoulder as well, and covering them into something better.
mariannesquee6:40pm: Hi- here's my first tattoo! Got it on Monday and it the worst of the scabbing is over already! It's just the one- on my left arm. I got it done at 'Kim's Tattoo' (in Southend, Essex, UK.) I was so nervous (and it hurt A LOT) but the tattooist (kim) put me right at ease and was lovely!

2nd March 2007

xafterthestarx11:18pm: xposted
Just got tattooed tonight. Right above the back of my knees.
If you live in south carolina Go check out Blu Gorilla downtown charleston , north meeting street!

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30th January 2007


10th January 2007

try_and_stop_me11:09pm: question
I'm looking for pictures of tattoos done to look like they were burned into the skin.
I'm not talking about actual "branding" or "scarification" or anything.
I'm talking about an actual ink tattoo... words or pictures; done to look like a branding or burning.

Anyone know any websites that have pictures of something like this??

Any help would be much appreciated.


9th January 2007

madam_macaw9:16am: My Second Big Tattoo
Here are the stages so far of my big tattoo. Hopefully only 2 more sessions left.

2nd January 2007

floomazoom4:52am: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On HIS right it's "strength" and on HIS left it's "honor"

it'll probably be a little smaller and this is just a photoshoped idea, but i wanted to see what people thought of it first (i'm still probalby gonna get it, but feedback is good too)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!
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