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9th December 2006

kasiraye2:05am: opinions?

I've never posted here before, but I've been a member for quite awhile. 

Anyway. I really want to go get another tattoo. I was thinking of getting bats below my shoulder blades in the front... same idea as the well known sparrows. 

Do you think this would look incredibly tacky? 

Thank you for your honesty. 


3rd December 2006

martered3:32pm: First time poster
I've been watching this group for a while, but have never posted my tattoos. I have four tattoos, this one is on my right lower back. The scar line on my back is from surgery for scoliosis. I got this fairy because it's the only fairy I have found that is similar to Mucha's artwork. The artist is Amy Brown. Here are two picture of my tattoo.

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1st December 2006

highwaycatcher1:26pm: Sup spurdur!Collapse )

28th November 2006

ex_murder_di7886:06am: *alkobear*

8th November 2006


23rd October 2006

cyanyde11:52pm: Hey all, just got back from St sabrinas in uptown, minneapolis minnesota. Must plug Mike there, we finished the outline in one sitting, 2 hours.
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11th October 2006

folkstar10:26am: New ink...

This, might I add, is such a terribly painful spot for tattooing, but so damn sexxxy! This is my 3rd chest session, and I've got probably another 3 or 4 to go.

Anyways, I'm putting a banner behind the "survivor" and added two Phoenix birds holding the banner. I have another session on the 20th... yay!

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4th October 2006

brethlessmahony8:17pm: Update!
Hey guys, remember me?
(wow, that sounds familiar)
I move around so much I only get so much work done on my tattoo, which means long periods of time between updates.

Remember this?

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3rd October 2006

grahamjefferson11:36pm: For those who love Contemporary art...
... this is society of fans and visitors of Contemporary art museum - KIASMA, situated in the center of Helsinki. Everybody who's interesting in the modern and contemporary arts in common are also welcomed! Working languages: Finnish and English.

24th September 2006

mou_desu6:45pm: i told you so...
weeee i really did get my tattoo done! (after it getting put off for almost a year)
so i thought i would

meh wings:

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22nd September 2006

mirage_effects2:48pm: Hi,
I'm 17,
Live in Australia,
Just joined this community,
Want tattoo.

Joining this community is part intrigue part research. I dont have any tattoo's but I am saving up to get a Bee on my right shoulder. On my left shoulder I have the remnants of a very ansgty year 9 & 10 incounter with a razor, not a tattoo but aside from the chicken scratches there is a thicker and deeper scrawl, "Pebble". Why? Because I am nerd and nerd shall think about everything in as much detail as the moment allows. My reasoning was that it's the little things that trip you up and smack you on your face.
I am thoroughly over the teen emotional crap and am trying to vitamin E cream it away so that I can replace it with a Caduceus.

Yes, I am aware that it is the medical symbol, but before than it was a symbol of imumnity/healing. My reason for the Bee is that I have an admiration for them. As DR Who/Tom Baker (nerd, again with the nerd) put it, "It's the aerodynamics. Everything about them says that they shouldn't fly and yet they do, isn't that wonderful?" I have to agree.

I havent got any sexy pictures for you but I hope that I have compensated with a good story.
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16th September 2006

mou_desu1:15pm: virgin...wooo...
hey i'm Ruby XXX

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12th September 2006

floomazoom12:10am: Okay to all the Miami Ink fans, does anyone remember the episode where Chris Garver has a spinal problem. Later on in the episdoe, a guy named Adam comes in and get's a Koi Dragon on his arm by Ami James (Adam was paralyzed from his nipples down from a snowmobile accident)

anywhoooooo i REALLY need a pic of that Koi Dragon, well i really want a Koi Dragon tattoo as my next one, and the one on Miami Ink that Ami did was so awesome, i was gonna get the pic and get my tattooist to do his own version for me, but i need it as a referance


11th September 2006

snobunyxjamison10:03am: +4 hours

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7th September 2006

highwaycatcher12:20pm: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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1st September 2006

h2o_chik9:42pm: Hi guys, my name is Brenda im 18, 19 on Tues :) and im from Melbourne, Aust. I got my first tattoo in november last year. i didnt look after it very well so i had it redone again in jan. however wish it looked like the pic


im after some advise for my 2nd tat. i want to get it on the inner side of my right wrist. here is a drawing i drew on my wrist so u can see where i would like it situated...
as i cannot draw it looks crappy. but just so u can see where i want it.  the pic next to it is what i want, nothing too big and in black ink. this tattoo is for my not reali for show. as you can see as much as it is a symbol its a wave aswell! 

Ok i guess im asking for some advise to what you think of the tattoo, and if anyone has a recommendation for a place in melbourne, as i wasnt 100% happy with the last place i went to.

16th August 2006

naked_oblivion7:57pm: help please!
I'm hoping someone can help me out, prefferably a professional...

I'm looking for a tattoo machine, just the gun. I want to get it as a going away gift for my friend. He already has one and a power source, but I have no idea what sites to look at for one... and I don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on it. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. :)


3rd August 2006

likeahookerg9:58pm: x-posted


the rest of the pics here

20th July 2006

spicymachaggis1:02pm: New Here
I'm New. So I'll show you them all
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snobunyxjamison9:34am: one more session left

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8th July 2006

xafterthestarx12:16am: new leg tattoo..

bad picture and it says

Memoria in Aeterna
(In everlasting remembrance)

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4th July 2006

folkstar11:46am: Happy 4th!!!
I mod this community, but I don't think I've ever shown all my tattoos, most are nothing to swoon over... but I've been "collecting" them for almost 9 years now...

My next goal, is to start working on color sleeves. My left arm I would like to stick with bright vibrant colors, and my right arm I'd like to go with more earth toned colors... here ya go!

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28th June 2006

shane_ink7:14pm: Custom Tattoo Designs

For starters, my name is Ashley, but everyone calls me Shane. Thought I'd get that out of the way since if you get a design from me the billing information will say Ashley. Figured it would be good to clear that up to avoid confusion.

Basically, my job is to make all your tattoo design ideas come through. You have an idea, even if it's just the smallest one, for some ink? Just bring it to me, and we can work together to make the best piece work for you.

I conduct my business through the internet (ie. instant messenger, email, myspace...etc), and I use a paypal account for the billing.

Pricing all depends on the size, detail, and work time I spend on the piece. We will work out the price during the process, or prior. It's all negotiable.

Feel free to add my journal and contact me anytime.

PS. If this post is not allowed, please let me know and I'll take it down with no problem.

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