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Tattoo Showdown!

and other body mod's

Tattoo Showdown
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This is where you can SHOW IT ALL OFF! We LoVe tattoo's, piercings, scarification, and anything else that you do to beautify your body!

Find inspiration here, or give it! Whether it's your first tattoo or last one, we want to see it :)

1. If you are showing genitalia or breasts, please use the lj-cut tag and give a warning, to not offend other members.
2. Any post deemed offensive may be removed by the mod's.
3. Have fun, post a lot, and love your body!

Any Questions?? ask folkstar

Your body is YOUR Temple

At the end of the month we will announce 'Tattoo of the MONTH' . This tattoo will be judged by all members of the community. The tattoo with the most popularity will be chosen.

The winning tattoo will be the communities icon for that MONTH.

Please be fair when voting, and be honest.