Madam Macaw (madam_macaw) wrote in tattooshowdown,
Madam Macaw

My Second Big Tattoo

Here are the stages so far of my big tattoo. Hopefully only 2 more sessions left.

These are two of my macaws (the third one will get on there eventually also.

Now the color in the wings is a bit faded because I was in the hospital right afterwards for a really bad infection in my leg (not related) and I think the antibiotics pulled some of the color out.  I will get that retouched when I am done too.  I cannot wait until it is finally done.
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pretty cool ink, where about s u get it done at?
Up here in Maryland - I have an awesome friend that does great work.
Chesap*ink Studio
What's the shop called? I live in Maryland :)
She just left one place because she is opening up her own shop that will be by appointment only. It should be fairly soon. Here is her website and she is an absolutel doll. Tell her Marty sent ya!

Chesap*ink Studio
That's awesome. Thank you!
that is so unique...loves it