Shorter than Shorty (h2o_chik) wrote in tattooshowdown,
Shorter than Shorty

 hello everyone... i am extremely excited to say... i got my new tattoo on thursday night... so its only few days old!!!! i love it, it is sooo beautiful!!!! and the adrenaline it gave me getting this one makes me want more!!!!!!!.. so check it out and let me know what you think.... done by steve at chapel tattoo, melbourne, Australia

this was what I had... had for 2 years...

changed to this....

when mum saw it she wasnt too happy.. but i keep telling her a) its my body, b) i love it, c) its staying d) if she wants something smaller she can get one done.. 
i did go to the beach the day after i got it done (i am aware i am not ment to), i wrapped it up so no sad would get on it... it didnt go in the water or the sun... and i was only down for an hour... ive got to be good to this one... :)

what do u think??

x posted everywhere!!!
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