jenny (gatosenelbalcon) wrote in tattooshowdown,

hi! i have three tattoos, two of them are the beginnings of a ridiculously huge tribute to my favorite person in the world, tim burton - a rad guy who's been inspiring me since i was a little tyke <3

i need to go back in once i'm healed up and have the vines darkened a bit, they're a little lighter than i had intended.. and i'm having the center of the rose gone over and details [ dewdrops, veins, etc ] added in :)

anyone have suggestions for me for additions or comments? i'm thinking of having some oogie boogie stitches added on the other side of robot boy, more toward the middle of my back [ loose, torn stitching.. some bugs crawling out ], i love the nightmare before christmas.. oogie's my favorite character, but i want to do something a little different than what i've seen before - let me know what you think! thanks! :)
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